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The services of AECI's experts

You are a player in the construction industry acting as a Main Contractor, a Subcontractor,
an Employer, or an Engineer, either in France or internationally.

You are facing contingent events, your programme of works slips, your contractor or your subcontractors are failing, the ground conditions are not those expected, your financial forecasts deteriorate, you are no longer paid, your client does not want to certify completion of your works…

You want to make a claim, but you need contractual assistance to protect your rights, to draft claim letters, to provide your lawyer with operational and / or technical support …

You have received an undue claim from your contractor, your subcontractor or your supplier, whether you are the Employer, the Engineer or the Contractor and you must deal with it …

You want to enhance your contractual management effectiveness and efficiency, perform a contract audit, prepare mediation or arbitration, appoint members of a dispute resolution committee, etc.

Contact our contractual experts !

  • more than ten professionals experienced in contract management;
  • they are senior technical or legal consultants, with extensive experience of engineering and construction projects;
  • they are flexible, pragmatic, familiar with crisis situations and they can deliver a reactive service tailored to your needs.

Our contractual experts can deliver a variety of services...

Before or during the Tender phase:

  • Advise on risk management
  • Help assess the practical implications of the main clauses of the tender documentation
  • Advise on the drafting of qualifications to be included in your submission,
  • Advise on the organization and procedures to put in place for your contract management,

During the execution of the contract:

  • Plan contract management strategy for your construction project
  • Support your day-to-day contractual management (written notice of contingent events, responses to letters, variation orders, claims, etc.),
  • Prepare and present your requests for compensation (additional works, additional costs, extension of time…),
  • Assess requests for additional works, extension of time, financial compensation,
  • Prepare the mediation process,
  • Select a member of the dispute resolution committee or of the arbitration board,
  • Establish the bases for a potential claim.

At completion of your works:

  • Help prepare the completion certificate, your final payment certificate (or consider and respond to the final settlement presented by the contractor and prepare a claim);
  • Help recover your bonds;
  • Help draft and defend your claims;
  • Assist during the defects liability period;
  • Prepare technical elements that will help your lawyers defend your interests, in the context of mediation or arbitration.

They operate internationally

  • The contractual expertise of AECI members is rich with strong international experience; they speak and work in English. In addition to the missions described above, they can help you to:
  • Manage risk, in particular country risks, partner risks, interface risks, or other specific risks;
  • Understand the contractual management system (FIDIC, NEC type contract, etc.), its practices;
  • Review the large tender documentation and write the necessary qualifications;
  • Negotiate contractual conditions;
  • Be the member appointed by you to the Dispute Resolution Board;
  • Support you with your lawyers, including local lawyers, for mediation, arbitration or even court action.


AECI experts are self-employed and operate under their own responsibility. They are independent contractual experts, attentive to conflicts of interest and may sometimes have to recuse themselves.