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The services of AECI's experts

You are main Contractor, Sub-contractor, Owner, Engineer, you operate in France or internationnally.
You are facing difficult situatuibs, your time schedule is badly disrupted, the ground is not to your expectations, your financial balance worsens, you are called in as guarantor, you are no longer paid, your client does not want to receive your works…
You wish to place a claim, but your teams don’t have the time and resources to make it in time.
Your are already in proceedings and your counsel needs an operational and technical intermediate…

Do not hesitate to call AECI!

With AECI, you reach:

  • About fifteen experts, highly skilled in contract management;
  • Most of them have an engineering background, but they all have a long operational or technical experience;
  • They are pragmatic, they are used to crisis situations, they are reactive;
  • They operate as advisor or directly to represent yourselves as per your request.

What can these experts do for you ?

Prior to bidding:
  • Advise you to write down contractual clauses or to appreciate their impacts;
  • Advise you about organisation and procedures to be set in place for managing contracts;


During day to day operations:
  • Assist you in drafting answers to contractual correspondance and to orders received from your principal;
  • Elaborate a strategy to exploit site works incidents;
  • Argue on your time schedule, and establish your rights to extension of time;
  • Make the best out of the bill of quantities and expand your contractual revenues;
  • Pave the way for a possible time and cost claim.
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At the end of the works:
  • Help you handing over the works and preparing the final account, or expressing reserves if need be;
  • help you getting back the guarantees;
  • help you drafting and defending claims
  • Prepare the technical arguments to assist lawyers during proceedings.

They can also train your employees in contractual management and improve their awareess in contractual issues.

They can also operate internationally

Most AECI's experts have a strong experience of international contracts; they are fluent in English language. They can assist you in:
  • Performing risks analysis, to monito and prevent risks linked to countries, partners, or other specific risks;
  • Characterizing the local context, its rules, its culture;
  • Studying abundant bidding documentation and drafting required qualification or clarifications;
  • Familarizing yourselves to international contract forms;
  • Negotiating contract conditions;
  • Coordinating with lawyers, be they international or local, especially during proceedings.


The AECI's experts operate under their own responsibility. They are alert to prevent possible conflicts of interest and will promptly tell you when they may not accept a mission.